We are in the business of creating

This is where we help your ideas come to life. The theme of this part of the process is “Creative Ideation” as we develop and polish your designs and perfect them for production.

Takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

Pattern Making

The blue print of every garment. Our Pattern Makers develop the initial pattern to get it ready for the first sample. Each pattern is represented by a Pattern Card, which contains a technical sketch, garment components and sewing instructions.

Sourcing program

We have partners locally and internationally and can find or develop just about any type of fabric and trim for your project.


Once the product comes to life, we will schedule a fitting for you or your model to try on your style(s) and make any necessary adjustments to get the perfect fit.


Our Sample Makers are some of the best in the industry with many years of experience. Project Managers and Pattern Makers work hand in hand with Sample Makers to bring your product to life.

Label Program

We are able to create any type of label and branding material to match your brand's image. Our label options include: Woven Labels, Care Labels, and Hand Tags. We offer premium quality labels within a few days.

Embellishment Program

Fashion is a way to express your ideas and beliefs. We will design cutting-edge graphics for your product embellishments like screen-printing and embroidery. Our creative team will guide you, helping you choose the best procedures to make the most out of your designs and stay within your budget.

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