usually takes 6 to 8 weeks

Every stitch tells a story

Once the sample is approved we move into the manufacturing phase. This is where everything comes together. We strategize to minimize risk and make production go as smoothly as possible. We order bulk fabric, cut and sew production, pack and prepare for delivery to you and your valued customers!

Small Batch Manufacturing

Our company has the capability to start manufacturing quantities at 150 pieces per style (up to 2 colors and 4 sizes) going all the way up to 10,000 pieces).


Grading is scaling your style(s) from size to size. This part of the process is where our Grading Maestro applies grade rules to your base size and creates your size run.

Grading and Marking

Once grading is complete and we have all the sizes of your style, we will make a marker to get ready to cut the production. In this part of the process, we strategically place all sizes of your style to maximize fabric usage and minimize fabric loss.


We have experience cutting and sewing all types of garments, with a wide range of expertise and machinery.

Finishing & Packaging

Upon sewing completion, we perform Quality Control over the Production Run and prepare it for delivery. We offer packaging and steaming services upon request.

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