typically takes 6 to 8 weeks

Every stitch in our garments tells a story

The day that the prototype is approved is the day that development ends and the manufacturing phase begins. This is where all the hard work comes together. We order bulk fabric, cut, sew, ensure quality, pack, and prepare for delivery.

Small Batch Manufacturing

Our minimum order quantities start at 150 pieces per style (up to 2 colors and 4 sizes) and scale up to 5,000 pieces. We mostly manufacture in freaking Los Angeles, but our operations expand worldwide in countries such as China, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Turkey, and Vietnam. 

Grading & marking

Our expert Grading Team scales your styles from size to size by applying grade rules to your base size; creating a consistent size run that ensures each size fits well. After grading, we create a marker to prepare for cutting production, strategically placing all sizes of your style to maximize fabric usage and minimize waste.


Cutting is a crucial step where precision and accuracy are paramount. Our skilled team uses advanced techniques to ensure each piece of fabric is cut to exact specifications, maximizing fabric usage and minimizing waste. This process sets the foundation for high-quality finished garments.


Our sewing process is distinguished by our extensive expertise and advanced machinery, enabling us to work with a wide variety of garments. With an experienced team, each stitch in our garments tells a story of integrity, dedication, and precision; adhering to the highest quality standards and bringing your designs to life with exceptional craftsmanship.​​

Finishing & Packaging

After completing the sewing process, we conduct a final Quality Control check, package your garments, and prepare them for shipment. We offer custom, sustainable, and biodegradable packaging options. Our logistics team can advise on cost-effective shipping methods to ensure a timely and cost-efficient delivery. We can connect you with 3PL warehouses, if you meet the minimum order requirements.

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