• Ten Things to Know Before Starting a Fashion Brand

    Building a fashion brand is anything but impossible. However, it isn't easy. From sourcing materials, doing research, hiring staff, etc. It is a ti...
  • Why Made in Freaking Los Angeles

    Our brand vision instills the authentic American values with cutting edge designs and concepts bring brought to life. We want to make the fashion statement that it’s possible to make a brand with premium clothing, authentic values, and a cool culture.
  • How We Started "The Vanguard Mask"

    ARI JOGIEL, a clothing designer, developer and manufacturer in Downtown Los Angeles took it to heart and spent sleepless nights researching, designing, sourcing, testing and perfecting the optimal mask.

  • The Cost Price of High Fashion

    The devastating consequences of mass-producing clothes and selling them at incredibly low prices are already becoming more and more apparent. The fast fashion industry and many online retailers are producing about one new collection a week on a mass scale. This need to keep up with the never-ending cycle of fashion trends is leading us to world-wide environmental catastrophe.